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The Case for Innovation Skills

Hone and demonstrate your "entrepreneurial" and "intrapreneurial" skills

The EMERGE@Simpson Program embeds you as a member of a startup team to gain real-world entrepreneurial skills. The program also helps you become a respected change agent, which is valuable to employers that seek to apply those skills within their organization.


In•tra•pre•neur•ship (n) 1. Successful adaptation of entrepreneurial attitudes and strategies inside of a bureaucratic organization. 2. Implementation of start-up practices within a large organization, producing valued innovation.


“Innovation is what drives today’s global economy. Our ability to insert a new way of thinking into even our traditional corporate environments will be the difference-maker. Innovation in all areas of our economy — from start-ups to our most established businesses — will be the one enduring competitive advantage.”

–Debi Durham, Director
Iowa Economic Development Authority


Jay Byers Head Shot

“EMERGE teams transform innovation into business.”

- Jay Byers, CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership and Simpson College Trustee