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EMERGE@Simpson Ventures

Spotlighted Ventures

DNP123:  A licensing venture to deploy a patent-pending process that constructs nanostructures from nanoparticles. This is useful in developing biosensors, testing devices, and new materials.  The venture team is comprised of Simpson faculty, staff, and Emerge Foundation advisors. The team has applied for federal research funding and has private-sector partners seeking to collaborate and apply its technologies to solve real-world problems. Simpson faculty and students help refine the core intellectual property and market licensing opportunities.

Student in Science Lab

Maple Tree Ventures and Market:  A multi-discipline team of students, faculty, and staff that are developing a local web-based nonprofit marketing and video distribution platform.  An example affiliated user of Maple Tree would be a proposed on-campus publishing editing business.  Simpson faculty and students would then have the opportunity to publish and sell their art, writing, music, etc.  The business department and students would help administer both Maple Tree and the affiliated business.  Maple Tree would extend experiential learning opportunities and provide a common marketplace.  A Capstone class team is developing the proof of concept with a multi-discipline faculty group and performed market research in prior classes.

Visium BioOils:  A Simpson student’s parent has performed extensive research on using bio waste (hog manure) as an asphalt binding agent.  The venture has been awarded a patent for its core continuous flow system that separates solids and liquids, adds heat and pressure, and then converts the waste stream to oil.  EMERGE@Simpson is leading the project team in refining its value proposition and business model.  It will then be prepared to construct its latest prototype, complete testing, and then raise venture capital to expand.  The team is also seeking to collaborate with other teams proving the technology's viability.

ExpresSeed:   Formed in July 2017, the ExpresSeed team developed a novel method to detect genetic markers in plant seeds.  The patent-pending nanotechnology platform is not only faster, easier and less expensive than traditional testing methods, it is also portable. It is being launched by a team comprised of DNP123, The Emerge Foundation, and Kielkopf Advisory Services.

ID Ramp:  An Indianola-based application developer that is launching a new id security authentication platform.  The service ties corporate network security systems to cloud-based and other 3rd-party software.  It creates a seamless identity authentication system that improves a network's security while decreasing reliance on storing unique usernames and passwords.  Simpson students have interned to develop the platform, with new opportunities to participate on the horizon.

kas BioChar: Forming DSM-metro and Iowa partnerships for commercializing biomass-sourced char and activated carbon, produced using innovative production technologies developed by a graduate team formed at ISU.  The first venture (Clear Carbon, LLC) was formed, was awarded state incentive funding, and is in pilot testing phases.  Additional ventures to license this technology are in development with Simpson-connected potential business partners.  The team also worked with ISU’s CyBiz program on market discovery strategies.