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The Emerge and Pivot Model

EMERGE@Simpson professors have streamlined the entrepreneurial learning process that helps students, faculty, and staff quickly work through their ideas.  Founders and teams are then able to evaluate their business model's viability and pivot so they can more easily achieve success.

  1. Meet with founders and project leadership teams to develop or redefine core business models using the Business Model Canvas.
  2. Craft descriptive statements and paragraphs that articulate each business model including major value propositions, targeted customers, and desired outcomes.
  3. Develop implementation activities by major function; view them through a Polarity Lens and align perspectives.
  4. Facilitate a modified SWOT analysis that promotes sustained progress by strategically managing both continuity and change within the business model.
  5. Develop action steps that implement strategic priorities and pivot the business model as needed.
  6. Develop a scorecard monitoring system that aligns performance metrics with functional key activities and prioritized action steps.

The Polarity Lens
The Polarity approach is used by real-world consultants to ensure ventures continually and actively manage interrelated variables that ultimately lead to progress or stalling out during implementation.  The method is used to define key internal and external functions that drive sustainable value proposition attainment by the business, unit, project, or team.  These are processes and functions that propel growth through-

  • Competition
  • Collaborations
  • Controls
  • Creation