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How To

How to Arrange a Field Trip

The first order of business is to know how or what you need to do to pay for the costs. If your department doesn’t have funds, you can attach a fee for each student. Work with Sherri Aldridge in Accounts Receivable for this purpose.  Fees must be submitted to her three months prior to the start of the semester.  Determine the total transportation and admission costs and then divide it by the total number of students. You probably should round that number up a bit in case of any unforeseen increase or addition to the original cost. For example, if the actual cost comes to $16 per student, it is wise to round up to $20. The stipulation for placing travel fees on the student’s bill it that the trip has to be a requirement not an option of the course, so it needs to be stated in the syllabus as such.

To arrange transportation, contact Jan Keeling in Campus Service – Physical Plant. Simpson has a campus bus which seats 35 passengers. There are also 12-person vans and minivans. For longer trips it is possible to charter a bus, but it is more costly. In the case of the bus, it’s really important to get that reserved as soon as possible, as it’s used frequently for athletic events.

As a required trip, an all-faculty message is to be sent out, but you should stress to the students that they need to have the conversation with their professors. It’s ultimately their responsibility to make sure their teachers are informed of their absence, etc.

How to Order Food

Food served on campus needs to be served by catering services. Contact Conferences at 515-961-1428, and they can recommend options for food and drink and give you an idea of the catering prices for Simpson College events/meetings.   Also, feel free to view the menu and catering ideas online from Sodexo.

How to Reserve a Room

Contact Conferences at 515-961-1428. They’ll help you find an appropriate space for whatever event you are planning. Students can reserve rooms for student group meetings, collecting data for an undergraduate research project, or any other college-related purpose. Students need to have the approval of a faculty member to reserve a room. Room reservation request forms are available outside the conference office in Kent Campus Center for students to complete.