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Benefits Summary

Pay Periods Pay periods are monthly.  Compensation is on the last working day of the month.
Pay You may elect direct deposit in any financial institution, or receive a physical check.
Tax Saver 125 Plan All employees are eligible to have premiums for dependent insurance coverage for medical, dental and vision insurance deducted on a pre-tax basis.  This is a salary reduction program, which allows the employee to save tax dollars.
Medical Insurance Simpson offers four Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa plans as medical insurance options.  A comparison sheet is available from the human resources office.  Simpson pays $457.25/month for full-time employee coverage.  An employee, through a Tax Saver 125-payroll reduction, may pay dependent or family coverage.
Dental & Vision insurance is available through Delta Dental. Simpson pays one half of the monthly premium for employee only coverage and the employee is responsible for the other half. Employees also have the option to waive coverage. Dependent or family coverage may be purchased and paid by the employee through the Tax Saver 125-plan payroll reduction. Premiums for the dental/vision combination are as follow: Employee is $21.74, Employee + Spouse is $55.10, Employee + Child(ren) is $74.62, and Employee + Family is $112.92. Dental insurance:  This coverage is broken down into three categories.Type Iprocedures include exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, surgery, root canals, gum disease treatment and denture repair.  There is a $25 lifetime deductible.  Benefits the first year are paid at 70% of reasonable and customary cost. This benefit increases by 10% every year until 100% coverage is attained.  A participant or covered dependent must visit the dentist annually to receive the next benefit level, or to maintain 100% coverage.Type II procedures include bridges, dentures, crowns and gold inlays have a $25.00 per calendar year deductible.  The insurance company pays 50% of reasonable and customary charges.Type I and Type II procedures have a combined maximum annual benefit of $2,000.00.Orthodontic coverage is available to all ages with a $1,500 lifetime benefit, as long as no orthodontic work has begun prior to enrolling in the plan.  A more detailed plan description is available in your enrollment booklet.  All dentists are covered under the plan.
VSP Vision Insurance: Provides for an annual eye exam with a VSP participating optometrist. Lenses once every 12 months and frames every 24 months. Contact lenses are an option in lieu of both frames and lenses. Maximum benefits are available from a selected panel doctors.
Tax Saver Select This benefit allows the employee to save tax money on eligible non-reimbursed medical expenses (i.e. deductibles, co-insurance) and for qualified child care expenses (day care centers or child care providers).  The amount is payroll deducted on a pre-tax basis from the salary and held in reimbursement accounts.  Reimbursements are processed on a monthly basis for employees who have submitted claims for eligible expenses.  Those enrolled in the flex spending program may also request a debit card. More details on the eligible reimbursements are available in the human resources office.
Life Insurance Simpson carries life insurance on employees in the amount of 1 ½ times the employee’s annual salary rounded to the nearest $1000.  Supplemental coverage may be purchased through payroll deduction.  More details on additional coverage may be obtained in the human resources office.
Long Term Disability Insurance The College provides disability coverage.  This insurance provides twenty-four hour coverage against total disability occurring because of sickness or injury.  The terms of this policy guarantee that after 90 days of total disability the maximum monthly benefit, including Social Security and Worker’s Compensation, will be 60% of the first $11,000 of monthly salary base.  In no event will the monthly income benefit be less than $100.  The insurance will also provide a monthly contribution to the retirement account of the disabled, if they were participating in the retirement program at the time of the injury.  This benefit will be paid to age 65 or until the employee is able to return to working in their own profession.  The College pays the total insurance premium for all eligible employees.
TIAA/CREF A voluntary retirement plan is available after one year of employment to all employees over age 21 who work at least 1000 hours per year.  Participating employees are required to contribute a minimum of 2% (up to a government-defined maximum) of their annual salary to the TIAA/CREF retirement plan to be eligible to receive the Simpson contribution of 5% of their annual salary. Optional Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) in TIAA-CREF Mutual Funds and IRAs are also available.
Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange benefits for the employee are available at the beginning of the term after the start of regular full-time employment.  Educational benefits are available for an employee’s immediate family members after one year of full-time employment.  The exchange lists and all needed forms may be obtained in the human resource office.  Complete guidelines are listed in the Employee Handbook.









Sick Leave



Personal Time

Exempt personnel normally will receive twenty 20 working days of vacation per year.  This vacation is considered a privilege and not a right.  In order to benefit from a vacation, it must be taken.  Vacation privileges are not intended to provide additional pay in lieu of waiving the privilege.  Vacation accrues at the rate of 13.34 hours per month.  Generally an employee must work at least six months before becoming eligible for any paid vacation. Non-Exempt personnel will receive vacation with pay if working at least half-time on a twelve-month/year basis.  A full-time employee must work at least six months before being eligible for paid vacation.  Vacation for full-time non-exempt employees accrues at 10 days/year for the first five years and increases to 15 days/year the 6th through the 15th years.  After 15 years of full-time employment, the employee is eligible for 20 days of paid vacation.

There are 12 paid holidays per year.


Sick leave with pay is provided to prevent loss of income and hardship during necessary periods of absence from work caused by personal illness or injury. Sick leave accumulates at the rate of 8 hours a month. Up to half of the accumulated sick time may be used for the illness of a spouse, domestic partner, child or parent.


Each non-exempt employee who works year around is eligible for 1 day of personal time off per year.

In addition to the before listed benefits, Simpson also provides: A College Wellness Program; business travel insurance coverage; jury duty leave; Steven Johnson fitness center membership; an identification card which admits the employee, spouse, and dependent children to all home athletic events, most Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference games away, lectures, concerts, and other campus events; use of library facilities; optional long term care insurance; optional SRA in TIAA-CREF Mutual Funds and IRA’s, and membership in the Marine Credit Union.