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Simpson Athletic Club – SAC


The Simpson Athletic Complex is the result of the generosity of many supporters of Simpson College. The main function of the complex is to provide Simpson students the opportunities for recreation, play, competition and exercise. The rules, regulations and policies for its use all are designed to follow that philosophy. It is also true that the intention of these supporters is to provide the greater college with similar opportunities.

General Policies

  1. No use of tobacco products is allowed in the complex.
  2. ONLY water bottles and containers with lids allowed in the Fitness Center, Hopper Gymnasium, Cowles Field House, or the racquetball courts.
  3. Behavior in the complex must reflect safety and concern for others. The complex is one of the best facilities available for the Simpson College community and demands care and respect from all users.
  4. Faculty/staff will use their photo ID card as their SAC card.
  5. Dependents will receive a personalized SAC card, and be asked to also provide a photo ID when checking in at the fitness center. Dependent children will be defined as enrolled in school or living at home.
  6. Everyone must check in at the front desk, leaving their ID while using the facility.
  7. Children under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by faculty, staff or SAC members. Supervision is defined as DIRECT supervision, i.e. being in visual contact with, and attentive to, the youth.
  8. Footwear: Gym, field house, and racquetball courts require the use of basketball, court, cross-trainer or jogging shoes. No bare feet or black-soled shoes that leave marks are allowed on any of these surfaces. Anywhere in complex: Soccer, football, baseball, softball shoes or track spikes are not allowed. Everyone must wear a pair of the appropriate type of gym shoes when using the indoor facilities.
  9. Exempt and non-exempt staff will be given the opportunity to get a yearly pass similar to the emeriti faculty privilege, if they retire from Simpson at a minimum age of 55 and have 10 or more years of continuous service to the College.
  10. Use of the complex is limited to: Simpson students, faculty/staff and leased areas employees and their dependent family members. Simpson alumni may use the complex for up to three years after graduation, free of charge. Alumni must apply at the athletic office for a pass prior to using the complex.

Simpson students, faculty and staff are free to invite a guest to use the complex. Five guest visits will be available per semester. A guest MUST be registered at the check-in-desk. The host MUST be present while a guest or guests are using the complex. Everyone must check in at the front desk, leaving their ID while using the facility.