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Student Handbook

Every community must have rules to protect the rights of its citizens and to facilitate the goals of the society. The overall philosophy of the governing structure at Simpson is the premise that an academic community must have an atmosphere that is conducive to the educational mission of the college. It is the responsibility of all members of the Simpson community to meet the college’s expectations for appropriate behavior and comply with campus rules. As a student, it is important that you are aware of the standards of conduct that have been adopted by your college.

This handbook is intended as a general guide for all Simpson College programs and specifically for the Indianola campus. Programs will operate per the herein stated policies and procedures unless otherwise stated through explicit language in a separate handbook, such as those specifically produced for the West Des Moines campus. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in this document, the college retains the right to change procedure and/or policy at any time.

This handbook should not be construed as constituting a formal contract between the college and any person or group of people. The college retains the right to make changes in the academic and social programs as well as operating procedures. All such changes will be effective at times deemed appropriate by the proper institutional authorities and may apply to enrolled as well as prospective students.

Other campus regulations governing the conduct of Simpson students are found in the following:

  1. College Catalog
  2. Housing section of the Student Handbook
  3. Housing Contract
  4. Student government constitution

Questions regarding the Simpson College Student Handbook and related policies and procedures should be directed to: Office of Student Development, Kent Campus Center 2nd floor, 515-961-1592.


Simpson Code of Conduct

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