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Housing during COVID

For Simpson's full color-based COVID phases, please visit this page.  For other student expectations relating to COVID, you may also visit this page.

In all phases, students sharing the same room or apartment will not have to physically distance from each other while you are in your room or apartment.  We are considering these groups as 'family units.'

For both ORANGE and YELLOW phases, there will be enhanced cleaning of our common bathrooms and high-touch surfaces, and computer labs within our residence halls will operate at 50% capacity.  

For how ORANGE phase will impact move-in for incoming new students, please visit our move-in page.

For housing, these strategies will be in place during the ORANGE phase:

  • No off-campus visitors will be allowed within residential buildings (except during move-in/out when 1 person is able to help while masked).
  • Visiting other residential rooms or buildings is not permitted.
  • Masks are required within residential buildings other than in the shower or your  room/apartment.
  • Lounges are only available for computer lab usage or individual, physically distanced studying or kitchen purposes.
  • CA programming will be in line with campus event expectations.

During the YELLOW phase, these strategies will be in place:

  • Common lounges available to be used, while masked, maintaining 6 feet between individuals.
  • Masks are required within residential buildings other than in the shower or your family unit's room/apartment (assuming all are ok not wearing masks).
  • Family units can expand by one for each person in the room/apartment. So, a room with 2 people in it can invite 2 other people into their family unit.  Family unit expansion needs to be reciprocal (A invites B, so B invites A (assuming B's room allows expansion)).  Family unit expansion is optional, and must be agreed upon by everyone in the room/apartment.  Off-campus people can be in a family unit, although again, it must be mutually agreed upon by everyone in the space.
  • Guests (not in the family unit) are permitted in rooms.  While non-family unit guests are present, everyone in the room must be masked.  Maintaining 6' of distance between individuals in not required, but it is recommended to avoid quarantine in the event of a student who tests positive for COVID-19.  As with family unit changes, having guests should be agreed upon by all roommates.
  • The maximum number of people permitted within a housing space is equal to double the number of occupants.  (i.e. 4 people within a room where 2 people live).  Students living alone in a room can have up to 2 guests at a time, bringing maximum total to 3.
  • CA programming implemented in line with Simpson event guidance.

Violations of these policies will be handled by the conduct processes outlined in our Student Handbook's section concerning conduct processes.

The current Isolation & Quarantine Plan that Residence Life will be using can be found here.  As guidance changes within local, state, and federal public health agencies, this may be edited and amended.  To be prepared, you can also review our recommended packing list for isolation and quarantine on campus.