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Simpson College COVID-19 Health Guidelines

Simpson College is currently in Phase Yellow


Simpson College COVID Plan and Phases

Members of the Crisis Management Team, faculty and staff have continued in their preparations for returning to campus in fall 2020. They are thoughtfully and diligently working through the myriad details that will enable us to resume face-to-face learning while making sure our community remains healthy and safe. Below are detailed breakdowns of our adopted four-phase model as well as triggers guiding the move from one phase to the next. 

Simpson College has developed a four-phased model to guide our operations through the pandemic. Last summer the campus started in red (virtual work/study) and transitioned to orange (strict gathering limits and social distancing measures). The orange phase will be the default phase for campus during the first two weeks after major breaks.

Simpson College has also developed triggers to guide decisions in moving from one phase to another. Regarding the transition from orange to yellow, that will be determined both by passing the 14-day COVID-19 incubation period and ensuring that the surrounding community is not experiencing high levels of COVID-19 diagnosis. 

To download these PDF graphics to your device, please open the links below:
Simpson College's four-phased model
Simpson College's Phase Trigger Guidelines

Phase Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines

Phase Transitions

COVID-19 Color Code Plan