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Lottery Numbers

Lottery Numbers 

In Spring 2021, students will not be able to draw their own lottery number as in recent years.  Lottery numbers will be generated randomly by an Excel random number generator.  There is no disadvantage to this compared to previous years.

Each random number will start within these ranges:
1-500 for rising seniors
1500-2000 for rising juniors
3000-3500 for rising sophomores.

Each residential student will be issued a random number by Residence Life based on their class standing by years spent at the institution, not credits completed (adjustments will be made for transfer students).  Different than years past, there will not be deductions for survey completion.  New students who failed to complete the on-line Safe Colleges Title IX training in the fall semester will have 200 points added.  This new number becomes the Housing Lottery number used for housing purposes. Final lottery numbers are posted in Student Development on Monday, March 15.  If you are a commuter or part-time student you will not have a lottery number posted, but to request one, please email reslife@simpson.edu. Commuter and part-time students wishing to participate in the Room Selection process are assigned the highest number in the class range above unless they were commuting specifically due to a COVID-exemption. Lottery numbers are non-transferable.

Lottery numbers are not using for Theme Houses, Greek houses, or Picken Floor Draw.

Room applications (all regular room applications are the same) are available at Student Development and online when lottery numbers get posted. Once you decide who you want to live with, fill out a Room Application and return it to Student Development (2nd floor of Kent) or mail it to ‘Housing’ through the Simpson Mailroom.  If all involved are off-campus at the time of the process, please email reslife@simpson.edu with the application with all involved included in the email to act as their signature. The Room Application allows you to choose a meal plan for the following year. All residential students are required to have a meal plan.

All Room Applications have the lottery numbers on it averaged, and then each application is ranked according to this average. After applications are due, all the rankings will be posted in Student Development.