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Music Scholarship Information

The music community at Simpson is rich and diverse and we hope you will be a part of it! We are proud to offer scholarships to accomplished musicians who wish to continue performing or studying music while at Simpson. You do not need to major or minor in music to qualify or maintain a music award.


  • High school seniors and transfer students may audition for a music scholarship.
  • Scholarship auditions are separate from auditions for ensembles and productions. You do not have to audition for a scholarship in order to participate in music at Simpson.
  • Awards are made to students on the basis of musical ability and academic promise.
  • Music awards can be added to financial aid packages, except when those include a full-tuition award, such as the Simpson Promise or tuition exchange.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to enroll in a major ensemble related to their primary performance area every semester.  (two exceptions: students can keep their scholarships without ensemble participation during student teaching or study abroad semesters). The major ensembles for each primary performance area are as follows:
          Vocal majors – Mus 214C: College Choir or Mus 214S: Chamber Singers
          Woodwind, brass, and percussion majors –  Mus 214B: Symphonic Band
          String majors –  Mus 214O: Orchestra
          Piano, organ, guitar, & harp majors – One of the ensembles listed above

Auditions and registration

  • In-person auditions are encouraged, but please contact the Music Office if you have special circumstances. If you live more than 300 miles away, please check out our Fly-In Program, which can reimburse you for all or part of your airfare.
  • To view audition dates and options, including music visit days, individual appointments and recorded auditions, visit our Audition Registration Form
  • To register for an audition, click through to our Audition Registration Form
  • Audition material typically consists of 1-3 art songs, arias, or musical theatre pieces for vocalists and of 1-3 selections or technical etudes for instrumentalists and pianists. Instrumentalists auditioning for All-State can often use their All-State audition materials for a scholarship audition.
  • For students performing accompanied pieces, we provide the assistance of a staff accompanist at no charge.
  • For further questions about Audition Requirements or for specific questions on your pieces, please contact our Music Scholarship Coordinator.


  • For additional questions, please email the Music Office, or call or text 515-303-0327. We look forward to hearing from you!