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Careers in Music

Possible Careers

**A Bachelor of Arts in music is often combined with another B.A. (Marketing, Business, Management, Corporate Communications, etc.) in order to achieve specialized careers.**
 Artistic Director  Booking Agent
Choral Director  Church Musician  Disk Jockey
 Ethno-Musicologist  Instrument Repairer  Stage Manager
 Music Historian  Music Teacher  Music Therapist
 Music Publisher  Conductor  Private Teacher
 Producer  Radio/Television Music Director  Radio Announcer
 Record Producer  Road Manager  Tour Coordinator
 Artist  Accompanist  Concert Promoter
 Music Recruiter  Box Office Manager  


Possible Careers

**Students who graduate with a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Performance most often continue on to graduate school for more specialized training.**
Music Historian Private Teacher Music Teacher
Conductor Music Publisher Performer
Music Therapist    


Possible Careers

Graduates with the BM-Educ degree are qualified to do ALL of the jobs listed above. Some choose to go immediately to graduate school in performance or conducting. Additionally, because graduates are licensed to teach K-12 Music in the state of Iowa, they might consider the following.
Music Historian Music Therapist Music Teacher (K-12)
Music Publisher Private Teacher