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Criminal Justice

Major and Minor

Criminal Justice Major

Course Requirements

  • CJ 220: Criminal Justice Systems
  • SOC 210: Statistics for the Social Sciences (QR) SOC321: Methods of Social Research (IL)
  • SCJ 340: Race & Ethnic Relations OR CJ335: Inequality & Justice (DP)
  • CJ 342: Juvenile Delinquency (CE,CT) OR CJ343: Criminology
  • CJ 346: Field Experience in Criminal Justice (WC)
  • SCJ 352: Standards of Professional Behavior (EV, WC)


  • 16 credits (typically 4 courses) in Criminal Justice


  • At least 8 credits of electives must be at the 300 level
  • No more than 12 credits can count in another major/minor
  • Four credits can be from a related area outside of the department, with departmental approval

Criminal Justice Minor

Course Requirements

  • CJ 220: Criminal Justice Systems
  • CJ 342: Juvenile Delinquency (CE, CT)
  • CJ 343: Criminology
  • 8 credits (typically 2 courses) additionally in Criminal Justice