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Graduate Certificate in Justice Leadership

100% Online

This is a one-year certificate program that can prepare you for master's level work or launch your public service career.

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

Course Requirements

  • CJ 570:  Leadership in the Criminal Justice Systems
  • CJ 505: Standards of Professional Behavior
  • CJ 540: Social Justice and Human Rights Issues
  • 1 Elective (offerings vary by time and year)

Electives: Students must select one 4 credit elective course.  This elective will complement your certificate core coursework and deepen your knowledge in a particular subject area.  Options include:

  • CJ 500:  Juvenile and Family Law
  • CJ 504:  Seminar in Justice System Decision Making
  • CJ 508:  Legal Issues for Justice Professionals
  • CJ 509:  Internship
  • CJ 524:  Police and Society
  • CJ 539:  Budget Building and Resource Allocation
  • CJ 542:  Juvenile Delinquency
  • CJ 544:  Correctional Practices in the U.S.
  • CJ 560:  Criminal Law and the Legal Process
  • CJ 580:  Independent Study
  • CJ 590:  Special Topic Seminar
  • HSV 501: Counseling Strategies I
  • HSV 542:  Human Behavior in the Social Environment