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Job Descriptions

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Security Officers

The Campus Security officer provides a wide variety of services to the entire college community.  A basic responsibility is to ensure the security of college-owned buildings after business hours by locking exterior doors and windows of each structure.  Interiors of buildings are inspected for fire and other safety hazards, as well as unauthorized persons.  Along with these basic responsibilities, the officer is expected to report all problems concerning maintenance of college buildings to the dispatcher who will forward the information to Facilities Operations.  In service to the students, officers provide walking and/or vehicle escorts, admit authorized students into academic buildings after hours, and take criminal case reports.  Additionally, officers enforce all college policies, open and close academic and administrative buildings, and respond to all campus emergencies.


The Campus Security dispatcher acts as the communication hub of the department.  During the shift, the dispatcher is responsible for receiving and relaying pertinent information to various personnel.  Normal communications shall include dispatching and coordination of security officers through the use of two-way radios.  The dispatcher also handles all telephone communications, including Campus Security lines, Emergency 911, and the off-campus Simpson College switchboard lines.  Should the need arise; the dispatcher will contact all of the appropriate staff members in cases of a campus or office emergency.  Regular functions in the office shall consist of recording all Campus Security activities such as escorts, admittances, etc., on a daily activities log.