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Campus Parking Regulations & Policies

Download or View the Campus Parking Brochure

Many students, faculty, staff, and visitors use our parking lots. Visit our Parking Map Page for information on where to park.

All vehicles parked on Simpson College property must display a valid parking permit.

Vehicles not displaying valid permits should be parked on the streets.  Parking registration is handled at the Office of Security in Hillman Hall.  The office also has replacement permits and temporary parking tags.  You do not need to register a vehicle if you wish to park your vehicle on the city streets.

Any unauthorized use or possession of a parking permit is $25 and the student may be subject to additional disciplinary action through the campus disciplinary process.  Parking permits are non-transferable.

If you receive a parking ticket you will be charged the following fines:

$15 per ticket for registered vehicles

$30 per ticket for unregistered vehicles

A $50 charge will be added to the student’s account for anyone accumulating more than 10 tickets in an academic year.

A $100 charge will be added to the student’s account for anyone accumulating more than 15 tickets in an academic year.

In addition the student may be subject to additional disciplinary action through the campus disciplinary process.

Parking on the curb violations are:

  • $25 per ticket for all vehicles.

Handicapped violations are:

  • $100 per ticket for all vehicles and you may also be subject to an Indianola Police Department handicap violation.

All fines/late fees are payable in the Business Office in Hillman Hall. Please respond promptly to any tickets you receive.  Each ticket contains printed information on fines, appeals and visitors. Tickets should not be ignored.

Appeals and Late Fees
You may appeal any ticket you receive.

Click here to download the Parking Ticket Appeal Form

You have up to 10 days from the date of the ticket to make your appeal.

All appeals must be in writing.  Forms are available in the Office of Security.  A student committee will read your appeal.

If you have not paid your parking ticket violation within 10 days from the date the ticket was issued a late fee of $5 will be added.


Security Parking Policies for Student Parking

The fee to register a vehicle is $150 a year.

Students must re-register their vehicle each year.
You will be given a colored sticker based on where you live on campus and your class status. This sticker is to be attached to the rear window of the vehicle on the lower left hand corner (driver’s side). If your rear window is tinted please attach the sticker to the front windshield in the lower corner of the driver’s side. If your sticker is in the wrong location it may not be seen, especially in the winter. If you change your housing residence or your registered vehicle will no longer be on campus, you must come to the Office of Security. Bring your sticker and you will be given a free replacement sticker for your new residence/vehicle. Failure to bring in the sticker will result in a $5 replacement charge. Your vehicle is to display only one sticker for the current year. Purchasing a sticker does not guarantee that you will always find available parking in your assigned lot. Do not park on the curb or in another lot where your sticker is not valid. The parking of a vehicle by a Simpson College student on Simpson College property is a privilege, not a right, granted to the student by the college.  Parking decals are non-transferable.  All of the parking lots on campus are monitored 24 hours a day.

First year students
First year students will be issued a silver decal. This decal allows you to park in areas designated Silver/FY: Barker lot, Municipal Pool lot located west of the Detroit Apts, McBride/Baseball lot, Fraternity lot upper level, and designated areas in the Colonial/Washington lot, and South Station Square/Physical Plant lot.  Please be advised that the College is not responsible for damage to vehicles caused by flying “balls” at the McBride/Baseball lot.

We encourage you to use the available street parking. Commuters who register their vehicle may park in the following lots: McBride/Baseball, Municipal Pool, Pote, and Kent. When driving a different vehicle please move your sticker from vehicle to vehicle.

Faculty and staff
You will be given a hangtag at no cost. Please hang the tag on your rear view mirror with the number facing out. You may park in any lot. Do not park in the Admissions/Visitor spaces or on the curb. Student relatives of faculty and staff will be expected to register their own vehicles. They may not use faculty or staff hang tags.

Parents and visitors
When parents/visitors come to campus they are required to have a guest pass in order to park. Passes are available in the Office of Security. Please advise anyone driving your car where your car should be parked. You will be responsible for any tickets the car receives.

Temporary tags
The Office of Security has temporary tags. These are free and are meant to be used when you bring a non-registered car to campus for a short time. If, for example, you switch vehicles with your parents.

Snow Ordinance
When a snow ordinance is in effect ALL CARS MUST BE MOVED OFF OF THE CITY STREETS. You may park on D street between the hours of 8am and 10pm only. Vehicles not moved by 10pm may be ticketed and towed by the city of Indianola. The Colonial/Washington and Buxton lots have spaces marked “No Parking During Snow Ordinance”. These spaces are used for snow removal.

Visit http://www.cityofindianola.com/SpecialNotices/snowemer.asp for more information about the ordinance.

Please follow these guidelines:
1.  If you have a sticker, park in any lot designated for that color.
2.  All cars may also park in the McNeill and Wallace lots between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 7 a.m.
3.  Any cars parked on curbs or fire lanes will be ticketed.

Theme Houses
You must have a sticker to park in the driveways of the Theme Houses. You may not park on the lawn or block the sidewalk. If you do so, you will be ticketed.

Car Problems
The Office of Security will try to help you if you have car problems. We have temporary passes if you need to exchange vehicles. We also have jumper cables and a jumper pack. We cannot get locked keys out of vehicles. We recommend that you bring a spare set of car keys to campus.

You may use the spaces marked service areas near your residence hall to load/unload your vehicle. Put your flashers on and you will not be ticketed. Do not use the handicapped spaces for this purpose. Do not park at any curbs to “run in to a building for just five minutes”. This is not an acceptable reason and you will be ticketed. Please be considerate of others when parking your vehicle.

A Final Note
Security can be reached 24 hours a day by calling 961-1711 from off campus or ext. 1711 from on campus. There are limited numbers of parking spaces on campus. Please be flexible. Be prepared to walk. The campus is small and every building is within a 5 minute walk. Plan your time accordingly.