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Parking on Campus

Download or View the Campus Parking and Brochure

First Year Students
First year students will be issued a silver decal. This decal allows you to park in areas designated Silver/FY: Barker lot, Municipal Pool lot, McBride/Baseball lot, Fraternity lot upper level, and designated areas in the Colonial/Washington lot and South Station Square/Physical Plant lot.  Please be advised that the College is not responsible for damage to vehicles caused by flying “balls” at the McBride/Baseball lot.

We encourage you to use the available street parking. Commuters who register their vehicle may park in the following lots: McBride/Baseball, Municipal Pool, Blank/Pote, and Kent. When driving a different vehicle please transfer your decal.

Faculty and Staff
You will be given a hangtag at no cost. Please hang the tag on your rearview mirror with the number facing out. You may park in any lot. Do not park in the Admissions/Visitor spots or on the curb. When driving a different vehicle please transfer your hangtag. Student relatives of faculty and staff will be expected to register their own vehicles. They may not use faculty hangtags.

Parents & Visitors
When parents/visitors come to campus they are required to have a guest pass in order to park. Passes are available in the Office of Security. Please advise anyone driving your car where your car should be parked. You will be responsible for any tickets the car receives. There are four spaces reserved for Admissions/Visitors in McNeill/ Hillman. Faculty/staff/students are not to use these spaces.


Municipal Pool

YELLOW PERMITS-Upper Class Residential
Station Square North Lot
South Station Square/Physical Plant
Blank/Pote East Lot-14 spaces-Hamilton Residents Only
Blank/Pote West Lot
Municipal Pool
All Theme House Lots
Hamilton-Hamilton Residents Only
KKG-KKG Residents Only

Station Square South Lot/Physical Plant
Colonial/Washington East Row-25 spaces
Fraternity Upper Level-48 spaces
Municipal Pool Lot
McBride/Baseball Lot

Handicapped Spaces

Barker 3 spaces
Colonial-Washington 2 spaces
Fraternities 6 spaces
Hillman-McNeill 4 spaces
Kresge 2 spaces
McBride/Baseball 5 spaces
North Buxton Lot 1 space
Pote Theatre 5 spaces
South Buxton 1 space
Station Square 6 spaces
Wallace 4 spaces
Weinman-Detroit 1 space