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SAFE Alert Guidelines

In an effort to provide campus with timely and accurate information, when a campus alert is needed, we will utilize this color-guided system.  This color system will help people easily identify the severity of a situation and take the appropriate safety actions.

Monitoring of potential hazards is ongoing. Normal operations are present on campus, and no threat is present above normal daily activity.  These notifications are meant to inform the campus community about a situation, but do not normally necessitate a change in behavior or schedule.

Recommended actions are likely normal vigilance and safety awareness, unless otherwise noted in alert.

An incident not seriously affecting the overall function of the campus or its resources, but a higher alert is present and needed. Conditions are generally localized to an area of campus.

Recommended actions will be communicated in alert, but may include avoiding an area of campus, being especially alert to unusual or criminal activity, or actively identifying and implementing safety procedures.

An incident seriously impacting the function of the College and posing a threat to the safety of people on or near campus.  As an investigation is conducted and actions taken, alerts will be lowered to Yellow or Green when conditions become more safe.  Local law enforcement and emergency services will likely be utilized and provide college officials with guidance.

Recommended actions will be communicated via the SAFE system.  These will likely involve serious safety precautions and may include sheltering in place, evacuating an area, and/or exercising extreme vigilance.