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Signs of Emotional Distress


  • Career and Course Indecision
  • Excessive Procrastination or Repeated Requests for Extensions or Special Considerations
  • Uncharacteristically Poor Preparation or Performance
  • Disruptive Classroom Behavior
  • Excessive Absence/Tardiness
  • Avoiding or Dominating Discussions
  • References to Suicide or Homicide in Verbal Statements or Writing


  • Asking Instructor for Help with Personal Problems
  • Dependency on Advisor
  • Hanging Around Office
  • Disruptive Behavior
  • Inability to Get Along with Others or Complaints from Others
  • Student Isolating Self from Others


  • Change in Personal Hygiene
  • Dramatic Weight Gain or Loss
  • Frequently Falling Asleep in Class
  • Irritability, Unruly Behavior, Tearfulness
  • Difficulty Concentrating, Disjointed Thoughts, or Impaired Speech
  • Intense Emotion
  • Inappropriate Responses or Problems with Boundaries
  • Threatening Harm to Others or Self
  • Visible Signs of Injury