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Self-Help Resources

Listed below are links to various self-help resources. Please remember that these resources are not meant to be a replacement for in-person contact with a trained psychological professional. If you have questions or would like to speak with someone directly about your concerns please make an appointment with the counselor.

Resource for mental health information on a wide variety of issues (including suicide) and resources including “Go Ask Alice!”, libraries for mental health and drug information, and numerous mental health screenings.

Half of Us
Sponsored by MTV and the Jed Foundation, this site is a resource for mental health information on a variety of issues commonly experienced by college students. Includes videos of celebrities and college students discussing their personal experiences with mental illness.  Also includes anonymous mental health screenings in addition to information on how to find help for yourself and how to help a friend struggling with mental health issues.

Online Screenings
Take anonymous mental health screenings to learn more about what you or a friend may be struggling with. Survey topics include depression, alcohol, bipolar, eating disorders, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. Once you get your results you can call Simpson Counseling Services if you would like to discuss them with a counselor.

Virtual Pamphlet Collection
Various on-line pamphlets put out by college counseling centers across the country on topics typically experienced by college students. A sample of topics covered includes homesickness, suicide, eating disorders, sexual orientation, anxiety, trauma and many others.