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Voicemail Guide

How Voicemail Helps You:

  • It answers your telephone automatically and plays your personal greeting.
  • It accepts and stores voice messages in your voicemail mailbox.
  • It lets you send and receive messages anytime, from anywhere.

Points to Note:

  • Your greeting may be no longer than 60 seconds long.
  • Voicemail messages may be no longer than 90 seconds long.
  • You need to hold the receiver down for at least three seconds after using voicemail.
  • You may have no more than 10 old or new voicemail messages saved at one time.

Accessing Your Mailbox:


  1. Dial the voicemail direct access number (x3000 or (515) 962-3000 from off campus).
  2. Dial your extension number, then press #.
  3. Dial your password, then press #.


  1. Press PHMAIL Key on your phone (x3000 if key not available or 962-3000 from off campus).
  2. Press # if you are at your office phone (dial your extension number, then press# if you are anywhere else).
  3. Dial your password, then press #.

Leaving Voicemail:

When you finish using the voicemail system, you can either:

Hang up, or press *76 to disconnect from the voicemail system.

Listening to Your Messages:

  1. Access your voice mail box.
  2. Press 3 to listen.

Recording Messages:

  1. Access your mailbox.
  2. Press 1 to record.


Following are some voicemail control features for when you are listening to, recording or leaving voicemail.


While you listen to your messages… Press
Speed Decrease Speed of message. 7
  Increase speed of message. 9
Volume Decrease volume of messages and prompts. 8
  Increase volume of messages and prompts. 5
Headers Skip current header, play message. 3
  Skip to previous header. 7
  Skip to next header. 2
Messages Stop message.continue playback. *3
  Replay message from beginning. * 7 3
  Replay last few words. * 7 8
  Skip next few words. * 9 8
  Skip to end of message. * 9 3
  Skip to next queue. * 9 1
  Save message. * 4
  Delete message. * 6
  Stop message, skip to next header * 2
  Stop message, skip to previous header. * 7 2
  Stop message, replay header. * 7 7
  End voice mail session. * 7 6
  Stop message, return to home state. * 7 #




While you record your messages… Press
Skip instructions on how to record, so you can begin recording your message. 1
Recording Record message. 1
  Stop recording (ready for addressing). * #
Addressing Enter address extensions, each followed by: #
Delivery Regular delivery. #
  Special delivery. 3
  Cancel delivery. 6
Special Delivery Mark return receipt requested. 1
  Mark private. 2
  Mark urgent. 3
Stopping and Pausing Stop *, continue 1 recording. * 1
  Stop recording, start over (rerecord message). * 6 1
  Stop recording, cancel delivery of message. * 6 #
Replay Stop recording, replay what you just recorded. * 7 3
  Stop recording, replay last few words. * 7 8
Quit End session/disconnect from system. * 7 6




Recording messages when voice mail answers yourcall… Press
Recording Messages Wait for the record tone after the greeting, then, record your message, or,  
  skip the greeting, and record your message now. 1




Change your name, greetings, prompt level or password… Press
Personal Greetings Record or change your personal greeting. 8 1 1
  While recording the greeting, stop andreplay. * 7 3
  While recording greeting, delete andrerecord. * 6 1
  When you are finished recording the greeting. * #
Name Record your name. 8 4 1
  When you are finished recording you name. * #
Prompts Change to abbreviated prompts. 9 2 2
  Change to regular prompts. 9 2 1
Password Change your password. 9 3
  Enter the new password followed by: *




To transfer out from home state… Press
Transferring Out Transfer out of the voice mail system. 7 0
  Transfer (if you have called someone and the voice mail system answers). 0