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Campus Activities Board

Welcome to the Simpson College Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.). The purpose of C.A.B. is to serve as the primary student programming body at Simpson College. As such, it is responsible for the presentation of a diverse and varied programming calendar meeting the social, recreational, cultural and intellectual needs of the student body of Simpson College. C.A.B. aims to address and incorporate the needs of all students in preparing a comprehensive program schedule. C.A.B. also strives to promote school unity and spirit through activities and programs, as well as providing an opportunity for students to socialize and experience new things. Funded by student government, C.A.B. seeks to provide inexpensive entertainment and out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities. Additionally, C.A.B. works to help develop campus community through the inclusion of staff, faculty, alumni, parents and the Indianola community in appropriate programming efforts.

Is live entertainment what your into? If so, then check out who is coming to Simpson College on the college events calendar or on our Facebook page. Past performers who were here before and after they were stars include Bobby Lee (MADTV), Margaret Cho, Howie Day, Matt Nathanson, Carrot Top, Ryan Cabrera, Tyler Hilton, Daniel Tosh, Javier Colon (winner of The Voice) and Josh Gracin just to name a few. You never know who will be tomorrows big star. Someday you can say, I saw them when.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Campus Activities Board, please attend our meetings, every Wednesday night at 6 p.m.

If you would like more information about exactly what is required as a part of joining C.A.B., just drop us a line at cab@simpson.edu or call 515.961.1536 or 515.961.1736

Advisor: Rich Ramos
Assistant Dean of Students


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