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Student Development Learning Philosophy

The Simpson College Division of Student Development believes that learning is at the heart of students’ growth and development. Learning is an active process of personal engagement that occurs through both structured and informal experiences, within the context of the College community. We recognize that students learn in a variety of ways and believe that learning is enhanced through inquiry, critical thinking, knowledge application, and reflection. We design practices that encourage students to identify areas of strength and need for growth as they reflect on their own learning.

It is important to acknowledge that the process of learning is often challenging and uncomfortable. In fact, it is frequently through encountering challenges that people are moved to growth. While maintaining the expectation that students are capable of facing and learning through challenges, we are committed to providing students support throughout those processes, and to treating all students with dignity and respect.

Knowing that learning occurs in a wide range of settings and experiences, we strive to intentionally design programs that will create opportunities for students to learn and develop skills related to the following domains:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Well-being
  • Purpose & vocation
  • Interpersonal connections
  • Citizenship & social responsibility