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Student Leadership Positions

Simpson offers a variety of leadership roles on campus. Taking part in a leadership role is a great way to get involved, make a difference and build your resume.

Getting involved in student leadership at Simpson is a great way to:

  • Grow communication, problem-solving skills and the ability to work in a team  (The top 3 attributes that employers seek on a candidate’s resume!)
  • Develop personal leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Get connected to the Simpson College community and build a lasting network

General Student Leadership Hiring Timeline for 2021-22:

  • January 19, 2021 –  Student leadership applications available
  • February 5, 2021 –  Student leadership applications DUE
  • February 8-19, 2021  – Student leadership interviews (You may have multiple interviews during this time if you applied for more than one position.)
  • February 22- March 5, 2021 – Selection committees will review applicants and make position selections
  • March 8, 2021 - Students selected for student leadership positions will be notified of selection by March 1 (or earlier, depending on individual search timelines)

Note: Not all leadership positions are included in this process due to varying requirements and / or hiring timelines and / or processes (Student Government Association (SGA)/ Campus Activities Board (CAB)/ Fraternity and Sorority Leadership, etc.) For those roles, stay tuned for more information on their process or contact Rich Ramos at rich.ramos@simpson.edu.

There are many different student leadership positions available on campus, so be sure to carefully consider what position is best for you. There is a lot to gain from having a position as a student leader, however, some roles can require a significant amount of time and commitment. You may apply for more than one position, but please note, there are several positions on campus that you cannot hold at the same time (ie. SARA and SC Leader.) More detailed information is included in each application.

Available Leadership Positions for 2021-22

Each available position includes information for a contact person and a link to learn more and apply. 

Community Advisor (CA)
CAs are leaders in our campus residential buildings. They serve to support students as they live on campus and assist in building community by connecting others, hosting events, and upholding community standards.  Applications are due Friday, Feb. 5 to the front desk of Student Development.

Career Peer
Career Peers extend the services of the office of Career Development while building professional skills and earning a Collaborative Leadership designation.  

Sexual Assault Response Advocate (SARA)
Sexual Assault Response Advocates (SARA) is looking to add 7-10 new members to this campus group. The goal of SARA is to educate and support members of the Simpson community in dealing with sexual assault and sexual misconduct. SARA consists of student advocates who are specially trained to provide education and support in sexual assault incidents on campus (training is 30 hours, happens right before the start of fall semester, and focuses on various topics related to sexual assault). SARA is also an organization which provides educational programming about issues related to dating violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault, bystander intervention, and being conscientious about sexual choices. 

Simpson Colloquium (SC) Leader
Simpson College SC Leaders serve as peer mentors to new students as they transition to collegiate life at Simpson College including SOAR, Welcome Week and SC101.  The SC Leader role goes from March 2021 starting with training through December 2021.

Writing Consultants (WC) 
WCs are advanced writers in the 2nd-4th years of college who serve as academic mentors trained to help other writers understand and manage the expectations, demands, and learning objectives of college level writing.  This is an hourly paid position and applications are due by February 26. Learn more about this position.

Chapel Intern 
Chapel Interns provide leadership for the Religious Life Community and their programs.  RLC is a student-led organization that plans ongoing programs and events to enhance the religious, secular, and spiritual lives of our student body.  Any student who would like to be more involved in these programs, would like to help build supportive environment among students, or is looking for an opportunity to grown in their leadership skills is encouraged to apply.  Students can earn Collaborative Leadership credit and are paid $8.25/hour.  Chapel Interns are hired through the UGA process, which opens on March 1.  

TRIO-SSS Peer Mentor
The Academic Year Peer Mentor position is a paid ($7.25/hr), professional opportunity for student leaders who want to help incoming students transition to college.  Mentors will build important transferrable professional skills and form close bonds with other SSS students. Mentors will also have the opportunity to work closely with the SSS staff and other Simpson staff members throughout the academic year.  Interested students must be TRIO-eligible to apply.

Upward Bound Academic-Year Tutor/Mentor
Academic-Year TMs provide weekly tutoring at our partner high schools.  Simpson students go to one high school, once a week, for two hours right after school to assist students with their homework and studying.   The position allows for 2.5 hours of work each week at $10.00 per hour, plus mileage to and from the high school you select.

Upward Bound Summer Tutor/Mentor
Summer TMs are provided on-campus housing, meals and a stipend.  The program includes one week of training, six-weeks residential program on campus and a one-week trip out of state.  Summer TMs serve as camp counselors for high school students.  Students live on campus Sunday evening through Friday at lunchtime.  During this time, students are engaging in academic coursework, enrichment activities and social/cultural experiences.  Our team of Summer TMs lead programming, provide supervision to students and build mentoring relationships.