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Fraternity & Sorority Life

College can be so much more than just classes and homework; it is a time for growth and development. Fraternity and sorority life can foster the education of the whole person: intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Brotherhood and sisterhood, leadership, philanthropy, and scholarship are but a few of the areas in which the fraternity and sorority community at Simpson aspires to achieve excellence.

Follow the Fraternity & Sorority Chapter link on the left to learn more about the eight chapters at Simpson College and how you can become a member!

Brotherhood & Sisterhood: A sense of unity and friendship forms among members of an individual chapter, as well as among everyone in the same chapter across the nation. The bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood are forged throughout the member's active participation in the chapter and last for a lifetime.

Leadership: Fraternity and Sorority members are highly involved in student leadership positions at Simpson. Membership in fraternal organizations provides excellent opportunities to get involved, assume responsibility and develop leadership skills.

Philanthropy: Simpson fraternities and sororities contribute many hours each semester to philanthropies and service projects. The opportunities you will encounter to give of yourself for the sake of helping others are endless. From children's hospitals to cancer foundations, Simpson fraternities and sororitiess are actively supporting worthy causes.

Scholarship: At Simpson, one of the most important aspects of Fraternity & Sorority Life is scholarship. Good scholarship is a prerequisite to becoming an initiated member of a fraternal organization. Fraternities and Sororities at Simpson have consistently proven their academic abilities by their recognition and involvement in campus honor societies.

For more information, visit the links on the left or contact the Student Activities office at Simpson, 515-961-1736 with general questions about Fraternity and Sorority life at Simpson.

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