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Advising Handbook

Advising Mission Statement

Academic advising at Simpson is a true collaborative process, in which success is equally dependent upon the efforts of the student and the advisor. The academic advisor works together with other college faculty and staff to provide guidance, clarification and encouragement to empower the student to take responsibility for completing an academic program and preparing for the future in accordance with the college mission statement.


  1. To assist the student in preparation and timely completion of an academic program congruous with the desires, passions, skills and strengths of the student
  2. To be a resource for information about the college, its programs, and extended educational opportunities outside the classroom
  3. To be a resource for assisting student to resolve their own issues related to the students’ ongoing experience at Simpson College
  4. To help students discover that a successful academic program at Simpson includes experiences beyond the classroom
  5. To encourage appreciation for and understanding of the Liberal Arts

Types of Advisors

In the first-year, students will have a Liberal Arts Advisor assigned as part of the SC101 or SC201 experience. When students declare a major, they will select a Major Advisor in their major area. Students may also have one or more Supplemental Advisors, for example an advisor in Student Support Services (SSS), or an advisor in their minor.

Disclaimer: The advice and resources offered in this Advising Handbook were developed by a group of Simpson faculty in the summer of 2016.  The information in this handbook has not been approved by the Faculty Personnel Committee nor the dean and is not official College policy. There is no guarantee that following this advice will lead to reappointment, tenure, or promotion.


Last updated 8/18/16