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Resources for Advisors

Student Learning Objectives for Academic Advising. These SLOs have not been approved by the faculty. They are offered as advice to advisors and students.

Advising by Year. This page includes an outline of the academic and personal issues typically faced by students throughout each of their four years in college. In addition, it provides suggestions for advising students across each of their four years.

Communicating with Parents. Advice for talking with parents, including a link to information about FERPA.

Advising Pre-Professional Programs

Student Academic Advising Planner

The planner is a tool that individual advisors can choose to use with their advisees or that students can use on their own. This 9-page document includes checklists for fall and spring semesters, a core planning worksheet for planning general education courses, a four-year planning worksheet, lists of responsibilities for both students and advisors, and a four-year advising checklist.

Sample Advising Contract

The advising contract clarifies that ultimately it is the student, not the academic advisor, who has primary responsibility for academic decisions and degree progress. Advisors have the option to use this contract, modify the contract to reflect the way they work with their advisees, or not use any contract at all.

Disclaimer: The advice and resources offered in this Advising Handbook were developed by a group of Simpson faculty in the summer of 2016.  The information in this handbook has not been approved by the Faculty Personnel Committee nor the dean and is not official College policy. There is no guarantee that following this advice will lead to reappointment, tenure, or promotion.

Last updated 8/18/16