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Resources for Chairs

Department Chair/Division Head Meetings for 2022-2023

FALL 2022

Wednesday, September 28   1:00 - 2:00pm   Hubbell Hall
Wednesday, November 30   1:00 - 2:00pm    Hubbell Hall


Wednesday, January 25   1:00 to 2:00   Hubbell Hall
Wednesday, March 29   1:00 to 2:00   Hubbell Hall
May Meeting TBD   Time TBD    

Department Chair History

Budget Numbers

Simpson Calendar

Events on the calendar can be imported into your own Outlook calendar.  Just click on the title of the event, click under Subscribe where it says “iCal & Outlook”, then click Yes to save to your calendar.

Application for Faculty Stipend to Design an Online Course

Resources for Reappointing and Evaluating Department Members

Guidelines for Reappointment – Guidelines, procedures, and tips for formative and reappointment reviews

Unofficial Advice about Summative Reviews – The following advice is offered by Sal Meyers, former Director of Faculty Development, in an attempt to be helpful to faculty undergoing a summative review process. The information in this document has not been approved by the Faculty Personnel Committee nor the dean and is not official College policy. There is no guarantee that following this advice will lead to reappointment, tenure, or promotion.

Faculty Hiring Procedures

Faculty Hiring Procedures
Initiation of a New Search
Recruiting of Applicants
Advertising and Recruiting

Faculty Hiring Procedures
Position Description
Review of Applicants
Response to Applicants
Phone Interview
Campus Interviews

Faculty Hiring Procedures  
Fixed-Term Appointments
Retention of Records
Increasing Diversity in the Applicant Pool
Sample letter to Colleague and to Grad School

A Statement of the Faculty Regarding Diversity and Inclusion at Simpson College

Additional Candidate Information for Faculty Positions (includes salary mean/medians)

Faculty Search Summary Form (pdf) – To be completed at the end of a faculty search
Faculty Search Summary Use Form

Faculty Search Committee Guidelines – Guidelines and job descriptions for faculty serving on search committees

Faculty Search Authorization Form (pdf) – Form to request a new or replacement faculty position
Faculty Search Authorization Use Form

Adjunct Search Form (pdf) – Form to request an adjunct faculty position
Adjunct Search Use Form

Interview Questions to Avoid and Good Interview Questions

Information on Requesting New & Replacement Faculty & Academic Staff:

Faculty Appointment Prioritization Template  – Guidelines for Prioritizing Full-time Faculty Appointments

Confidentiality Statements for Student Employment:

Standard Confidentiality Statement from Financial Assistance
Biology Confidentiality Statement
Registrar Confidentiality Statement
Student Development Confidentiality Statement

Outside Vendors:

Sample 1 Contract for Outside Vendor
Sample 2 Contract for Outside Vendor or Current Employee
W-9 for Outside Vendor

Responsibilities and Compensation

Department Chair Responsibilities – Job descriptions and role

Department Chairs Compensation and Release Time Policy – Department chair compensation, release time and professional fund

SLIC Web Page for Assessment Forms

Summer Special Topics Course Proposal Form

Guidelines for Annual Review & Reappointment of FT Adjunct & Teaching Specialist Faculty

Guidelines for the Review of PT Adjunct Faculty

A Statement of Principles Regarding the Allocation of Faculty to Academic Departments

Travel/Purchasing/Procurement Card Policies

Budget Travel Policies

Purchasing Policies and Procedures

Procurement Card Information

Procurement Card Guidelines