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Scholar is Simpson’s version of an open source learning management program called Moodle. The resources below that are labeled Scholar provide instructions to Simpson’s version of Moodle. The resources labeled Moodle will look a little different from Scholar (e.g., sometimes blocks typically on the left in Scholar will appear on the right), but the instructions are essentially the same.

Overview of Scholar/Moodle

  • Scholar Basics is a 24-page handout that highlights the icons and menu options, options for the course format, how to share information and files, how to set up an assignment, and an introduction to the discussion forums. If you would prefer a video, this lengthy moodle tutorial (1.5 hours) demonstrates similar features.
  • Finding your way around moodle (4 min) and a moodle course site
  • What do the icons and items on the drop-down menu do? – Scholar Handout;  Moodle Video (5 min)
  • Viewing the course as a student (the administration menu): Moodle Documentation
  • Reducing the Amount of Information on the Scholar Screen: docking/hiding the menus (i.e., blocks) on the left and right

Setting Up the Course

  • Changing the course layout and the first day of the week
  • Setting up the course with tabs instead of having students scroll: Scholar Handout
  • Copying information from one course to another.
    Note: These instructions involve importing your own content. To move course content from another instructor’s course or from an archived course, contact Chuck Johnson.


  • Giving someone else access to your course site (e.g., an SI leader, SC leader, writing fellow) – Scholar Handout;  Moodle Video (4:21)
  • Adding students from 2 courses into one – Scholar Handout
  • Moving resources, activities, and blocks – Scholar Handout


  • Adding and deleting blocks – Moodle Video (1 min)
  • Moving blocks – Scholar HandoutMoodle Video (1.3 min)
  • Tabs are more difficult to add and move. For many people, the easiest thing to do is to change the course format to Topic Format, move the blocks as shown above, and then change the course format back to OneTopic.
  • Adding boxes on the left or right sides of the course for RSS feeds, images, and more – Moodle Video (3 min)

Contacting Students

Sharing Information/Content

Information on the main page

Files and Folders

Information on separate pages

Webpages, Videos, and Images

Linking to Websites and YouTube Videos

Online Discussions




Viewing Students’ Use of Your Scholar Site

Other Scholar Activities

  • Wiki – Moodle Video
  • Glossary – Moodle Video
  • Choice: Allow voting – Moodle Video
  • Lessons – A series of content and question pages similar to a choose your own adventure story
    • Creating a simple linear lesson using content pages – Moodle Video
    • Adding question pages – Moodle Video
    • Creating a cluster of questions (groups of questions presented to students in a random order)- Moodle Video
  • Database activity
  • Chat – Moodle Video
  • Workshop for peer review
    • How the workshop activity works (includes both instructor and student views) – Moodle Video (7:15)
    • Setting up the workshop activity – Moodle Video (15 min)