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Other Software

Tutorials for Microsoft Office including Outlook, Word, Excel, and more

WebEx allows you to meet with a group of up to 24 people online in real time. To request to use WebEx, follow these instructions. You will need to login to SC Connect to complete the form.

Prezi is presentation software similar to PowerPoint; however, PowerPoint is linear and Prezi is not.  Prezi presentations zoom in and out to show the relationship between elements.

Socrative is an alternative to the clickers. It allows instructors to have students answer multiple choice or short answer questions using their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Google Drive provides students with the ability to collaborate on papers and/or presentations. Gmail accounts are needed to use Google Drive. Google Drive automatically saves all previous versions of the file and allows everyone to see who contributed what. If you want to require your students to coauthor a paper on Google Drive, consider creating the document yourself and then sharing it with your students. This eliminates the problem of students forgetting to share the document with you. Instructions for using Google Drive were created for Simpson faculty and students by Ginger Herman.

There are many free teaching tools available online. Richard Byrne’s blog Free Technology for Teachersis a great place to learn about these tools. Although the blog is aimed at K-12 teachers, many of the tools are just as useful for college instructors. Here are a few of the tools that have been featured on FreeTech4Teachers: