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TechSmith Relay creates videos of your voice and whatever is on your computer screen.  You can use this program to create video versions of PowerPoint lectures, demonstrations of how to use a piece of software, or lots of other things.

TechSmith Relay provides very limited editing ability. You can only trim the beginning and the end of the video you create. If you need to do more editing than that, you would need to use a video editing program such as iMovie for the Mac or Windows Movie Maker.

To download the software and access your recordings, go to https://fog.simpson.edu/relay/ and log in using your Simpson username and password.

To learn how to download and use TechSmith Relay, view this short video (5:21).



Simpson does not officially support the use of Screencast-0-matic; however, the Pro version of this program is relatively inexpensive and powerful. With the Pro version, you can edit out portions in the middle of the video, replace portions of the video, speed up sections, insert transitions, add overlays (e.g., add text, add arrows, put a box around a portion of the screen, blur text to maintain privacy), zoom in on a portion of the video, and more. SOM also allows you to enter a script before recording the video to create captioned videos.