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In The Know

All faculty will receive IN THE KNOW monthly through the academic year by email. It will be used for official communication from the Academic Affairs Office, and to pass along information of importance regarding the work of faculty at Simpson College.

To request an archived “In the Know” contact Sandy Condon


  • The purpose of this list is to communicate general faculty-related information to the faculty of Simpson College. It is meant to augment, not replace, existing communication channels like Campus Pulse or The Simpsonian. All Simpson faculty are subscribed, as well as some administrators and support staff by request and with the authorization of the dean for academic affairs.
  • SUBMITTING ITEMS/DEADLINE: To submit items, simply send them via e-mail by the first of each month to sandy.condon@simpson.edu.
  • GENERAL GUIDELINES: This list will accept new or reminder items about upcoming events, and NON-emergency campus announcements or notices. IN THE KNOW will NOT accept classified advertisements (including for sale items, thank you notices), personal notices (like kudos), political op-eds, or events not open to a broad faculty audience. Please avoid saying “today” or “tomorrow” – instead list the day and date of event.
  • WEB URLS/ATTACHMENTS: If you enclose a URL with a < followed by a > the entire URL will be “clickable.”  IN THE KNOW will post attachments. However, please be aware that not all campus users can open attachments. To address this limitation, please place a copy of the attachment on your web site and include the URL in your announcement.

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