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Committee for Academic Diversity & Inclusion (CADI)


  • Approve Faculty Development diversity grants to enhance diversity awareness and
    engagement in particular courses
  • Assist faculty search committees to ensure that diversity and inclusion concerns are
  • Help establish relevant academic policies to enhance inclusion and respect for diversity
  • Consult with Faculty Development to assist with faculty diversity training
  • Consult with relevant student and campus groups, such as PRIDE, Latinos Unidos, MSA,
    the WRC, and the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee
  • Advise on relevant major lectures, including the Carver lecture and Women in America


One faculty member from each division with staggered terms.

Ex-officio non-voting members:  The Director of General Education, the Director of Faculty Development, and the Assistant Dean of Multicultural and International Affairs.

Two students will be appointed by the president of student government with advice and consent from the presidents of multicultural student organizations, so that at least two different multicultural student organizations are represented on the committee.

Committees and Members