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Processional Information

Fall Convocation (the first week of school), Honors Convocation (the last week of spring semester classes), and both commencements are four occasions in which Simpson College full-time and emeritus faculty, lecturers and administrators are asked to participate by processing in academic regalia. The procession normally begins with flag bearers, followed by college marshals, lecturers, instructors, assistant professors, associate professors, full professors, and  administrators. Anyone who needs to rent the traditional attire of cap and gown may contact the college bookstore to rent academic regalia.

The bachelor’s and associate’s gowns are worn closed and they have open mid-length sleeves. The master’s gown is worn closed and has extremely long closed sleeves. The doctor’s gown has velveteen panels down the front and large voluminous bell-shaped sleeves on which there are three velveteen bars.

The bachelor’s hood is rather short with narrow velveteen edging of the appropriate color and a lining in the colors of the institution. The master’s hood is considerably longer, has a wider velveteen edging, and exposes more of the lining. The doctor’s hood is easily recognized by the width of the velvet edging, the wide panels at either side, the greater length and the full exposure of the lining. The color of the edging on any hood indicates the subject to which the degree pertains.