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Online Travel Application Form

Travel Expense Report

Faculty Professional Travel Fund and Guidelines

It is important for all faculty members to keep current in their disciplines and in the development of pedagogy. Because the college recognizes it shares this responsibility, the faculty development office administers funds for full time faculty who attend discipline and other professional meetings.

Temporary Restrictions on Travel Funds

Existing polices remain in place for tenure-track and tenured faculty members who will be presenting research. Faculty who are not presenting will be approved for no more than $200. This restriction on people who are not presenting will not change the amount of money that can be carried over to the following year.


Any tenured or tenure-track full-time faculty member is eligible to apply for professional travel funds. Faculty on leave are also eligible as well as faculty who are teaching specialists, full-time adjuncts, and on joint appointments.

Regular Funds

Eligible faculty may be reimbursed up to $500 for expenses related to professional travel each year (beginning on June 1). Unspent funds may accumulate to a maximum of $500. These accumulated funds may be added to the regular $500 allotment in a given year to a total of $1000. No more than $500 may carry over from year to year. Travel to conventions, workshops, or meetings directly related to professional activities represent appropriate use of these funds. Normally, regular funds may not be used for professional expenses other than conference attendance and travel.

Please note applications must be submitted before the travel has occurred.  Applications submitted after the trip will not be approved.

Presenter Funds

Faculty members who are presenting, moderating a session, or have a position within the organization that requires them to attend a specific event are eligible to be reimbursed for an additional $500. Faculty are eligible to receive presenter funds no more than once during the academic year.

International Travel Funds

Faculty who are attending a conference outside the United States are eligible to be reimbursed for an additional $400. Faculty are eligible to receive international travel funds only once during a budget year.

Stipend or Honorarium

Expenses for faculty travel to attend professional conferences and/or performances and presentations will only be reimbursed to the maximum appropriate above the expenses covered by any honorarium or stipend received by the traveler. The amount of the honorarium should be subtracted from the total costs of the trip at the time of the request for reimbursement. For example, a faculty member agrees to be the keynote speaker at a conference and is paid $500. The trip costs a total of $1200. Even if the faculty member would otherwise be eligible to be reimbursed for $1200, the maximum reimbursement is $700.

Reporting of Expenses

After returning from a trip, faculty who have been awarded travel funds should complete the Travel Expense Report and submit it to the Faculty Development office. The report form should include all the expenses associated with the trip regardless of whether the expense was actually covered by travel grant awarded. This will enable Faculty Development to determine whether to request an increase in faculty travel funds. The information will also be used to double check the accuracy of office records of charges on the faculty member’s procurement card. A Travel Expense report must be submitted in order for future travel funds to be awarded.