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Academic Advising Services

Academic Advising at Simpson College

Academic advising is an integral part of the overall academic program. Each new full-time student is assigned to a member of the faculty who serves as the academic advisor. The initial advisor assigned to a student will remain listed as the student’s primary advisor until the student selects a major field of study. At that time, the student may remain with the initial faculty member or request to be assigned to an advisor in that field of study.

Students are encouraged to visit with their academic advisor each semester at least once. Developing a trusting relationship is a key component between the faculty advisor and the student so visiting with your faculty advisor frequently can be an important step.

Your advisor can assist you in learning more about the field of study you are interesting in pursuing and may have alternative paths for you to consider in order to reach your goal. Don’t be afraid to ask your advisor questions and seek opinions regarding your academic journey.

It is also appropriate for you to be prepared when visiting with your advisor. You should have an understanding of the requirements you are expected to fulfill before graduating and have course options selected which can help you meet these requirements. Please feel free to visit with one of the academic advisors in the Center for Academic Resources to work through these questions before visiting with your faculty advisor.

The advising services are available to students who are interested in seeking more information related to their educational path here at the college. Staff members are available to provide guidance and assistance to any student with general academic questions and can assist students with the following:

The advising service offered through The Center for Academic Resources will not replace a student’s currently assigned faculty advisor but is meant to help supplement the advising already being provided on campus. It is our goal to provide a central location in which students can visit in order to seek answers to their advising questions and provide assistance as needed.