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Technology Services

Connecting students with disabilities to numerous assistive technologies

As part of your accessibility services accommodation or modification plan, you may be provided assistive technology. This equipment, software program or product system are used to increase, maintain and improve the capabilities of students with disabilities. Some of the accommodations we provide include audiobooks, text to speech software, note taking support and speech recognition software.

If your disability accommodation plan entitles you to audio ebook PDFs, you'll follow these steps at the beginning of each semester.

  1. Fill out the Alternative Text Format Request with the book titles you need for each course. Converting print materials is labor and time intensive. To ensure that you have your materials in a timely manner, we must obtain information on the alternative text request form at least two weeks prior to the class.
  2. Send or deliver the completed form to the Student Accessibility Services Office in the Center for Academic Resources, room 101 Dunn Library.
  3. Stay tuned. Book titles will be converted to PDF and audio format in the order in which we receive the information. You can expect a two-week turnaround period. We'll contact you when your materials are ready.

Questions or concerns?
Please contact Accessibility Services Director.