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Southwestern Iowa Community College

Are you thinking about transferring from SWCC to Simpson College? Do you have questions about the process or how your GPA will be calculated? Are you wondering how we apply credit for specific courses?

We’re here to help.

If you are interested in transferring as a full-time student during the day contact Assistant Director of Transfer Recruitment, Melissa Ward, at melissa.ward@simpson.edu or 515-961-1612.

If you are interested in transferring as a part-time student in our Continuing & Graduate programs, contact Marlon Jackson at 515-961-1313 or by email at marlon.jackson@simpson.edu.


SWCC Equivalency Alpha Guide


SWCC 2 plus 2 Articulation Agreements

Please click on the following link if you are a SWCC graduate in Criminal Justice for details about how your courses will transfer to Simpson College.

SWCC AA with an Emphasis in Criminal Justice to BA in Criminal Justice