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2016 Interns


Mallory Hanson

Spring 2016, Mallory Hanson interned at the Iowa Jewish Historical Society (IJHS), located in Waukee. Mallory's time at the IJHS helped her explore the day-to-day operations of a small museum. Specifically, she learned how to use the Past Perfect software, she identified and catalogued historical artifacts, and she listened to recordings of oral history. Through Mallory's internship, she learned many new things about Jewish culture and its presence in Iowa. Mallory's experiences at the IJHS showed her one of the ways she can apply her history degree in the future, while also exposing her to the differences between public and private history.

Bobbi Oelmann

Bobbi Oelmann had an internship at The Iowa History Museum.  In her time at the museum, she had the opportunity to see and experience much of the collection that is not available to the public.  Through this collection, Bobbi learned numerous stories about Iowa and how important they are to Iowans. Her position at The Iowa History Museum opened her eyes to museum work. Bobbi learned how a collection is taken care of, how artifacts are chosen for displays, and how to properly display artifacts with descriptions that are not only informative but interesting to the patrons of the museum.


Tyler Stokesbary

Tyler Stokesbary learned a lot from his few months at his internship at Living History Farms as the Collections Intern. He was able to work with a lot of unique artifacts that he sees being used daily. The large collection at Living History Farms has given him plenty of experience in how to care for, catalog, and identify different objects that reside in the collection. This internship has given him the tools and experience to enter different artifacts into the Past Perfect digital database correctly. The people that work at Living History Farms is what really made his internship special because they taught him how integral teamwork and cooperation is in sustaining a thriving museum.