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Dunn Library

By: Nick Squires – Iowa History Center Scholar
February 17, 2020


Named after 1913 Simpson graduate Rex A. Dunn, Dunn Library replaced the Carnegie Library. Rex A. Dunn donated $225,000 towards the construction that was finished in 1964. Not only does Dunn hold a plethora of books, but it also holds a collection of CDs, DVDs, e-books, and much more for the use of students and faculty for their classes or their piqued curiosities. Inside Dunn, you can find many places where students like to hang out or study. There exist several stand-alone tables on all three floors, individual carrels on the second floor looking out onto campus, comfy lounge chairs, and individual study rooms. You can also find the research consultation office, a computer lab, and the Edwards Center (also known as EMERGE) on the first floor to further help aid studying students. The second floor also is home to the Antebellum South Collection as well as the Lehmann Collection of Ancient Pottery. Also on the second floor is the general book collection of Dunn Library and a set of three classrooms that hold many of the teacher education materials to help budding educators in their educational journey at Simpson College. The third floor holds quiet study rooms but is also the home of Student Support Services, the Walt Research Library, and Simpson College Archives.

Dunn Library is often used by students who are looking to conduct research for their courses. Many students use Dunn to get ahead on homework or to study for finals because of its relaxing environment and ample seating. Dunn also boasts several computers for use by Simpson students. Furthermore, the first floor has the Academic Resource Center, which is used for tutoring students and assisting them with their writing assignments.


Dunn Library's three classrooms are home to the majority of the student education program classes. They include a teacher education lab with materials for aspiring teachers to use for their classes as well as the different practicum experiences that they have through their time within the teacher education program.

Dunn Library is a staple of Simpson located next to College Hall, Pfeiffer/Great Hall, and Mary Berry Hall. It not only is a good place for students to study but is also a place for students to get the help they need for classes and research projects. Since its completion in 1964, Dunn has provided many services for Simpson students and faculty and will continue to do so in the future.