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2011 Interns

Maddy McAreavy

Maddy McAreavy had an internship at the Iowa Department for the Blind. From June to August, 2011, along with Allie Walker, Meredith Ferguson, and Shan Sasser, she helped build a history website for the department. Their goal was to make the history of blindness in Iowa and the nation accessible to the general public. She's excited to see the stationary and traveling exhibits which will soon follow!

Allison Stevens and Roxanne Vance

On February 12, 2011, Allison Stevens and Roxanne Vance presented the research that had been conducted over the last two semesters and the summer for the Fort Des Moines Museum. The research was done over African-American officers who earned their commission at the fort during World War I in 1917. By using original documents, newspaper articles, books, decedents and many other sources, the two girls were able to piece together the lives of these men and create biographies that had not been done before. Out of 639 names that were researched, 30 of the most significant men were chosen to be highlighted.